Dreamer, optimist, Hudson’s mom, Matt’s wife, creative non-fiction writer, filmmaker. Dominicana via Washington Heights now living in La La Land. My film The Big Deal won the Imagen Award for Best Theatrical Short. Currently writing a memoir, working full-time and trying to juggle it all.

I created this site on April 2015, I wanted to use my new blog to participate in the Yeah Write weekly challenges and put my work out to the world, I was not ready.

Last year Vanessa Martir, a writer whose work I LOVE started writing an essay a week on her blog.  I wanted to do the same but I was easily intimidated. Procrastination easily morphed into self doubt.  It was hard to shush the self deprecating voices inside my head;

“If you write on a blog, you will have no words left to write your memoir”- this one was the loudest and most persistent.

“Your writing is not good enough”

“No one will read this”

“You don’t have time” – this one is the truest. I work full time, have a two – three hour daily commute. I have a baby and a husband I want to spend time with, a house to keep somewhat clean. It’s a lot to juggle, I will be using my lunch time to get my writing done. At the minimum, I will write one hour a day in 2017.

When Vanessa put a challenge on Facebook to join her in writing an essay a week in 2017 #52essays2017, I decided to take it. I’ve had enough of my own excuses and am tired of my first class seat on the sabotage train.

I am committing to submitting weekly on this blog and hope to be able to participate in a few Yeah Write challenges.

I will post between Fridays and Sundays. I don’t know that I will produce anything worthy of bein called an essay, I’m OK with the writing not being good, these will be shitty first drafts at best.


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